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Here you will find various information about the services we provide.


Where are the Servers located?

Our servers are located in datacenters in France.


Is protection against DoS and DDoS attacks provided?

Datacenters in which our server are hosted by provide protection against such attacks, at no extra cost.


Will I have a Firewall protection?

You can install whichever firewall you want at your operating system. From us all the doors are open.


What is the traffic I can use?

The monthly traffic for all our server is really unlimited. The bandwidth is 100Mbps or 1Gbps depending on the package server.


What are the actual velocities of the Server?

All server are connected to 100Mbps speed or 1Gbit, depending on the package. You can reach the maximum theoritical Bandwidth anytime. There are clients that send data continuously with speed over 600Mbit without any problem.


Can I provide streaming services?

Once you have a Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Server, you can use it as you wish.


Can set up Game Servers?

Of course you can! Many customers choose us to host Game Servers, for games like Lineage 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more


Can I install my OS on my Server?

Yes, you can install whatever operating system you like, provided of course you have the corresponding license. For more information please contact us.


How can I pay?

Payment can be made either by Paypal, or by deposit in a bank account in Greece, or bitcoins. Unfortunately we do not accept paysafe card, or other payment methods.


What difference has a Dedicated Server from a Virtual Dedicated Server?

Practically the differce is that the Virtual Dedicated Server have the same or better performance with a Dedicated Server, at lower cost. This is achieved because the solution of the Virtual Dedicated Server, manages better the resources of a Dedicated Server, therefore more users can benefit by processing power of a Server. This does not affect the performance as each user has its own guaranteed piece and does not affect or be affected by others. Also the Cpanel license costs much less for a Virtual Dedicated Server, than for a single Dedicated Server


Can I use the Servers for torrent seeding?

Yes, but if we receive a message for transferring data that are the third party copyrighted, we  will send you a warning message to delete the illegal material. If repeated this would forced us to deactivate your account.


If you have any further questions you can contact us via the contact form on our Web site.